Velvet has been used since long time in our closets for trousers, jacket, ribbon and so on. Anyway its soft and elegant touch allows it to became a great material for jewelry and accessories as well. Our selection of velvet choker is able to inspire you for every day, or any special occasion, of your life! You can choose a simple cat choker necklace with pendants for daytime and a rhinestone choker necklace for a special night out. Have you ever experienced a really good outfit, but you have the feeling that something is missing? Or did you find the perfect little black dress and cannot pair to your favourite necklace, because is it too big? Or just too much? You can go for a plain black velvet choker then, or maybe a more elegant velvet cameo choker. Our collection of velvet choker necklace allows you play with your daily outfit and give it that little sparkle: cat choker, velvet bow choker, velvet choker with bell... or even a skull choker necklace, if you feel a bit more dark that day. In our shop you'll find also a huge choice of velvet choker pendant: just find the one that suits you best! You can go for pearls, crystals, black cat choker or a plain black velvet bow choker. Every girl is different and beautiful in her own way, and we're trying to add a bit more zest to all of you!

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